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So with all my heart and all my soul With all I am, Lord, I will follow You. You took the cross, You took my shame Restored my life, now I live to worship You. Without You I am nothing.



wish i was witty and cute but instead im sarcastic and annoying

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Vintage Paradise

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How he enters his house
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i still care about this a lot

i have respect for this guy because i firmly believe that the education system we have today is messed up as well

This kid deserves like a billion fucking notes!

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touchmebad :
hey whats your kik?


hey, where’s your respect for women considering you reblog 90% of distasteful porn and you look about 12. So, no, I do not have a kik for you. Be gone cretchin.

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I’m in pain someone be my new friend and kik me and make me feel better. Girls, guys idc come say hi!

Please have a picture
And if I didn’t ask for a picture of your dick (which I won’t anyways) don’t show me. Kik: Pamelacarterrr

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